Terms and conditions of the Onninen websites

User agreement

Terms and conditions

The Onninen website (www.onninen.fi) or other websites maintained by Onninen (jointly and individually the ‘Onninen websites’) may only be used in accordance with these terms and conditions. By using the Onninen websites, you consent to the currently applicable terms and conditions. Since Onninen may change the terms and conditions, we recommend that you review these terms on a regular basis. If you do not consent to these terms and conditions, we kindly ask you to refrain from using the Onninen websites.


The content of the Onninen websites is protected under the copyright law. Onninen reserves all rights for the pages and their content unless otherwise stated in these terms and conditions or on the websites. Copying, distributing or saving the contents from the websites in whole or in part is not allowed without Onninen’s prior written consent apart from some exceptions that have been mentioned separately.

It is permitted to use the stock exchange releases, press releases, contents of the material bank and the printable logos for journalistic purposes on the condition that the source information is included.

It is not allowed to use the texts or images for a commercial purpose or for a purpose that is against good manners. The Onninen websites may be viewed, browsed and printed by the user for their own personal use. Distributing the contents of the websites even in part is forbidden without Onninen’s separate written consent. Separate terms and conditions may apply to individual documents that are found on the website. This information will be mentioned separately with such documents.

Distinctive marks

‘Onninen’, the Onninen logo and the names and logos of the companies and services of Onninen Group are protected marks and trademarks of Onninen Group.


The Onninen websites are presented without obligation and ‘as-is’. Onninen does not guarantee the correctness or reliability of the information that is presented on the website or accessible through it. Onninen does not guarantee that the website will operate uninterrupted or error-free. Onninen does not guarantee the accessibility of the website. Onninen reserves the right to make changes to the website.

The Onninen websites may contain links to websites that are owned and maintained by third parties. When accessing these websites, the user must familiarise themselves with and consent to the possible terms and conditions on these websites before using them. Onninen cannot affect the content of the websites that are linked on the Onninen websites and that have been made and published by some other party, and Onninen is not responsible for the content on these websites.

Onninen is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage, such as delays or loss of income, business value, access or knowledge that may arise from the websites or the use of their contents. Onninen shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage, such as delays or loss of income, business value, access or knowledge or other financial losses that may arise from the service offered on the Onninen websites or the disruption of said service. Onninen shall only be liable to the extent defined by mandatory Finnish legislation.

Sending materials to Onninen

By sending materials to one of Onninen’s servers, for example, via email or through the website, the user agrees and confirms that the user has the right to send the materials to Onninen to be freely utilised without any compensation to the user or any third parties, and that the materials are not illegal, against good manners or otherwise unsuitable for publication, and that the user has taken reasonable precaution to detect and remove any possible viruses or other harmful or destructive features within the materials before sending them.

Onninen is not responsible for the contents of the materials sent by the users of its website. Onninen may at any time remove the materials sent by the users from its website based on its own discretion.


Onninen processes data in accordance with the Data Protection Act and other applicable Finnish data protection regulations.

The personal information of the users who visit Onninen’s websites are only collected with the user’s consent and when the users themselves provide the information to Onninen, for example when the information is included in the feedback given by the user. Information on how Onninen processes the personal information provided in this manner can be found in the Data Protection Notice that is included in the relevant locations in Onninen’s websites.

Technical information

The service functions with the most common operating systems and web browsers. If you would like to have access to all functionalities, please make sure Java-script has been enabled in your web browser.